What does Manhattan think of Manhattan?

The Manhattan Convention and Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce invited HandsOn Kansas State to participate in the annual Get Around 2 It event, which is aimed at highlighting family opportunities in summer in Manhattan.

HandsOn Kansas State wanted to gather community opinion on areas on need.  We asked two interactive questions, and invited everyone to write in their response.  The responses were pretty enlightening and entertaining- check them out below and comment what YOU like or would improve!

What is something you like about Manhattan?

Bike trails                                  Small city

Willie                                          Good school system

Pools/Arts in the park            Bike Trails

Friendly people                        City parks

Zoo                                             I love that it is all about family

KSU                                           I like that it is very pretty

Fort Riley                                 The Discovery Center fountains

Small                                          Parks and Rec

New pools                                 K-State gardens

McCain                                      Day Care

Friendly people                        I love KSU

My home!                                  the hills

Parks and walking trails         Flowers

The Flint Hills                           The people

Parks and nature trails            Bike Trails

Mall!                                            Willie the Wildcat

K-State                                        Eating establishments

2 dog parks                                 The Public Library

Restaurants                                Call Hall ice cream

Things to do!                               Parks

K-State Athletics                        Splash parks

Library                                         Manhattan hill

Zoo                                                Cold Stone


What is something to improve in Manhattan?

More bike trails                            Aggieville sidewalks

Fake Patties Day                          Increase dog-friendly parks

Would like more opportunities for disabled adults

More events                                  Better transportation routes

Public transportation                   Potholes

Ongoing transit                             Paint the Markerson roads

Public Transportation                 Sidewalks

Streets                                           Pools open earlier

Mapping for walking and biking trails

More museums                            Bring back Hardees

Bike paths                                     Cheaper apartments

Sidewalks connecting the Northeast side of town


About handsonkansas

HandsOn Kansas State is a program of Kansas State University's School of Leadership Studies. As a Hands On Network affiliate and action center, we promote civic learning and leadership for campus and community through meaningful volunteer and service opportunities.
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