About HandsOn Kansas State

HandsOn Kansas State creates opportunities for people to volunteer, learn and lead in their communities. We strive to provide volunteers with a high-quality experience that fuels further action, and we envision a day when everyone is inspired and equipped to be the change they wish to see in the world.

HandsOn Kansas State is also where nonprofit organizations can identify volunteers for their programs. We aim to expand capacity-building training and services to corporations, organizations and individuals who want to make a difference through volunteering.

Our Network

As a program of the School of Leadership Studies, HandsOn Kansas State is the only university volunteer center in the nation that is student funded and student run, serving both campus and community. We are also a national affiliate of the Points of Light Foundation and HandsOn Network, an international nonprofit organization that connects volunteer action centers in more than 250 communities.

Get HandsOn!

Volunteer for our HandsOn Projects or Days of Service. Get active in our civic leadership programs, Manhattan Good Neighbors and Academic Mentoring.  Become a HandsOn Leader or just choose one of our local volunteer opportunities.  Any way you can, get HandsOn!


Visit our website at www.handson.ksu.edu


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